Meet The Baker

The Face Behind Honeybee Cookie Co.

My name is Isabella Ribaudo; business owner and baker behind Honeybee Cookie Company. Ever since my youth I have been passionate about creating desserts & pastries. I knew it was my future from early on, so I decided I would turn my passion into a career. I received an education at EVIT pastry program in high school. From there I was trained and certified in Culinary and Pastry Arts at Scottsdale Community College. In just a year after entering the workforce, I found my calling in entrepreneurship. From there the Honeybee Cookie Company was born!

I enjoy decorating cookies and making others happy with my product. My family, friends and God play a big role in supporting me and inspiring me to do what I love. I’m blessed to have such caring people in my life that help me pursue and thrive throughout my business endeavors. That type of kindness and care are the same key factors I wish to bring to my treats. If there is one thing you can be sure of, its that everyone deserves homemade sugar cookies made with love!